Are you trying to decide whether or not to have a tree removed from your yard? These questions will help you decide what to do:

  • How close is it to power lines? If your tree has a potential of encroaching on overhead power lines, have it removed before it grows to maturity. To be safe, there needs to be a distance of ten feet between a tree's limbs and any power lines. This will help you avoid any potential problems, such as an electrical arc during a storm or high winds blowing the branches into direct contact with the power lines. 
  • Are you changing your landscaping decor? If your yard currently has a desert theme and you're switching to a lawn with grass and trees, hire a professional tree remover to safely take out any thorny plants such as saguaros or ocotillos. Even a small barrel cactus or a minor patch of prickly pear can be difficult for most people to manage. Trusting the job to someone with the right experience, tools and know-how will make sure everything is removed safely and completely. 
  • Does your tree have dead branches? If it only has a few dead limbs, then hiring someone to do tree trimming will help your tree's overall health and appearance. However, a significant amount of dead branches could signify that the entire tree needs to be taken out. An expert can tell you whether or not the tree will need trimming, or removing. 
  • Has recent construction damaged the tree's roots? If excavation near the tree has destroyed or removed a significant amount of its roots, then it may not recover. Have a professional assess the tree so they can judge how it will do in the future. 
  • Are the roots invading your sewer system? If your tree is closer than ten feet to your sewer lines, its roots could seek out the contents of your pipes. The roots will slip through the slightest opening or loose joint, then continue to grow in order to absorb any available moisture. This could cause drain blockage or even break the pipes. Although a plumber may be able to cut out the roots, you should also consider having the tree completely removed so the problem doesn't reoccur.  
  • Has the tree developed a sudden lean? Not all trees grow perfectly straight, but seeing an abrupt tilt in the trunk can be a sign of serious root problems. If your tree is suddenly growing at an angle, play it safe and have an expert like one from Destiny's Tree Service LLC decide what needs to be done. 
  • Is the tree too close to your home's foundation? A small tree planted near your home can grow into potential problems. As the tree grows, its roots can exert more pressure each year. Over time, the expansion of the roots can cause damage to the foundation or basement walls. Have the tree removed today so as to prevent any problems from happening in the future.

Trees can be great additions to any yard, but sometimes, proper tree removal can be the best decision for your property.