Has your TV stand broke? If so then you may already be thinking about buying a new one. However, you may want to consider installing your TV on a wall mount, as opposed to inserting it on to a new stand, as there are many benefits to using a wall mount. So, rather than assume buying a replacement stand is your best option, you may find it very helpful to upgrade to a wall mount, as you can:

Prevent Potential TV Damages:

Your entertainment stand may not be too high from the ground, which means children, pets, and even you yourself can likely push and knock your TV over. Not to mention if there are earthquakes then your TV does have a great chance of falling over, which can shatter the screen and damage the components within your TV.

So, rather than rely on a TV stand to keep your TV secure, you may find it more secure and safe to use a wall mount. When using a wall mount, you are adding great security to your TV, as your is mounted to a stud, which is attached to your home. This means that your television set is not going to knock over if anyone bumps against it, and that it won't fall in the event of an earthquake.

Allot Yourself More Space:

Not only is a wall mount safer to use than a stand, but it can also be more convenient, as you do not have to occupy the entire entertainment center with your TV. This will allow you to place your cable box, DVD player and any gaming consoles neatly on top of your entertainment center, without having to clutter them underneath a cabinet within your entertainment center.

A wall mount can add a great deal of organization to your TV area, which can make your home feel less clutter and much more presentable.

Enhance Your Viewing Experience:

With a wall mount comes many benefits besides security and additional space, as you are presented with many different viewing angles. Most wall mounts have built-in arms that allow you to swivel your TV to different heights, and side-to-side. This means you can watch your TV from any seat in your living room and still be happy with the view since you do not have to worry about glares due to your television facing in a different direction.

With these tips, you can improve the quality of your TV viewing angles, prevent damages and make your home feel a bit less cluttered, which are all helpful tips around the house. So, if your TV stand is broken and you are thinking about replacing it with a new one, consider a wall mount instead, as you may be very pleased with the outcome.

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