Water wells are fairly common in many parts of the United States. Any home that isn't on the municipal water system needs to have a well dug to get all the necessary water. If you aren't on the water system, you may need to have a new well dug. There are all kinds of different rigs that can be used to dig a well at your house. 

Portable Rigs

You can rent portable water well drilling rigs so that you can drill your own well if you want. If you hire a well drilling company like Patterson Well Drilling Inc., they may also bring a portable rig out to your house to drill the well for you. That may be because the water is fairly shallow. It could also be that the area where the well is going to be is hard for a larger rig to get into. 

Mechanical Rigs

Mechanical drilling rigs generally aren't as strong are other kinds of rigs. They work well for softer soils and very soft rocks. They also don't dig down as far down as other drilling rigs will. If you hire a well drilling company, they may use one of these rigs to drill test holes before they dig your well. That will let the company find the best place to dig your well. The test holes will let them find out what the rock composition is, and if there are any obstructions in the way. 

Hydraulic Rigs

These rigs depend on hydraulics to dig the well. Hydraulic systems are powered by hydraulic fluids. The rigs have controllers which cause different hydraulic cylinders to fill with fluid to do the work. These rigs have more power than mechanical rigs do. They can bore bigger and deeper holes. They can also go down into harder rocks than a mechanical rig can. 

Commercial Rigs

These rigs are heavier, and are usually mounted on a large truck, or lift truck. That way, they can dig very deep wells. They are also much more powerful than anything that is portable. If the available water is very far down, or there are a lot of obstructions in the way, this is the best way to get your well dug. These rigs are only available to professionals. They aren't something that you could rent and use on your own. 

Your house needs water. If you can't get it from a nearby city or town, you have to get it from a well. Wells need to be dug, and there are different kinds of rigs that can do that.