When putting your home on the market, it needs to be not only clean, but organized. Buyers notice anything out of place or cluttered and take note. You do not want to give them any reason to complain. 

1. The Counter Top: Clear everything off your kitchen counter top. This may seem extreme, but how you live in a house is not the same as how it needs to look when you go to sell it. Think about how a model home looks. There is not a plethora of small appliances clogging up the workable space. All that linear space is empty and ready for some serious cooking. 

2. The Fridge: While your tween may need to know what the lunch menu is at the local middle school, no one else cares. The same goes for that crayon drawing of stick figures. It may be endearing to you, but buyers do not need to be distracted. You want them to notice the stainless steel appliances, not your budding Picasso's latest masterpiece. Remove everything from the front of the fridge to avoid this distraction.

3. The Pantry: This is not the time to stock up on 50 boxes of macaroni. While you may have the space to accommodate it in your pantry, strive for a half empty pantry instead. In fact, let buyers be under the impression that your pantry is so spacious that you can't even begin to fill it.  

4. The Wallpaper Border: Remove the wallpaper border at the ceiling. Maybe you love it. Maybe the last owners installed it and you never got around to removing it. Wallpaper borders not only do not appeal to everyone, but many buyers worry that the removal process is too difficult. If you take it down yourself, that worry never enters their minds. 

5. The Dishwasher: Your dishwasher needs to run, and run well. Buyers may not notice right off the bat, but their inspector sure will. In fact, many inspectors turn the dishwasher on and let it run through its cycles during the home inspection. If yours doesn't work, get an appliance repair service out before you list your home for sale with a Realtor.

6. Under the Sink: Child-proof locks will not prevent prospective buyers from looking underneath your sink. They want to see what is going on down there. The smart ones know to look for signs of previous leaks and water damage. The rest simply want to see the amount of available storage space. A clean, well-organized space is appealing while a cluttered and crowded space is not. 

In addition to cleaning everything in your kitchen well, make sure it is in working order and clutter-free for a quick sale.