So, you're having a custom swimming pool installed, or maybe you're renovating your current pool. A particularly sought-after design is a lagoon-style pool. The lagoon-inspired pool turns your backyard into a tropical oasis, thus turning on the "wow" factor.

The Main Pool

This organic-shaped water feature is similar to the free-form style in that it uses a combination of radius curves to drive the ultimate design. The lagoon pool can be kidney-shaped, or it can create more drama with its nature-inspired curves.

The pool itself is lined with glass tile in deep turquoise. Once filled with water, the color channels the aqua of an actual lagoon. The paving stones around the pool itself should be left slightly irregular to give the space a natural ambiance. The Landscaping Network suggests selecting either flagstone or pavers for your pool decking.

The Hot Tub

Part of the charm of your personalized lagoon is that it features a small pool heated as a hot tub. The organic shape of the main pool itself allows your contractor to place the hot tub near the house or lounge area for easy access. One of the most charming aspects of the hot tub pool is that it features its own stone waterfall – almost as if you and your guests stumbled upon a hidden pool perfectly heated by a nearby volcano.

Like the main pool, the hot tub is lined with turquoise glass tiles. Depending on your preference, it can be raised from the main pool with steps leading up to it. Alternatively, the natural stone walls can provide just enough boundary to keep the heated water from the rest of the pool.

The Details

Since the goal is to recreate a natural lagoon, planter areas are key to the design. When working with your contractors to design the pool, make sure to include several areas near the perimeter in which you can plant greenery. Ideally, palm trees should be included in the landscaping, but any greenery creates the lagoon ambiance.

Another detail that sets your pool apart are details such as grottos and waterfalls. In fact, combine the two to create a truly unique feature. Have one area built up with natural stone and surrounded by lush greenery. Then have a soothing waterfall splash from the natural rocks.

Enchant your guests with your private lagoon. Channel the tropics through its organic shape, natural stone and charming details. Installing a swimming pool inspired by nature affords you the luxury of escaping to your personal oasis at any time.

For more information, contact Nassau Pools Construction Inc. or a similar company.