Are you looking forward to having the interior of your home painted, but dreading the smells that are left behind for several days after? Here, you will learn a few tricks that can help decrease the odors that painting leaves behind.

Paint Additives

Talk with your painting contractor like AAA Action Painting about additives in the paint. Some contractors may already use additives in their paints that will help decrease the odors, but others may not. Discuss using scented oils or vanilla extract in the paint. It will not eliminate the odors entirely, but it will greatly reduce the intensity of the smell.

Circulate the Air

Opening windows and doors can be a great help in reducing the odors left behind after painting. Place a fan or two in windows to pull the paint fumes out of the windows, as well as a fan or two in the center of the room to push the fumes toward the windows.

Note: Only open windows and doors with screens. You do not want to let insects in the home that could land on the fresh paint and leave their marks behind.

Use Odor Absorbing Agents

There are several different odor absorbing agents you could safely use in your home. Three commonly used odor absorbing agents are:

  1. Buckets of water – place a few buckets of clean water in the room that was painted. Leave the water to sit for a day or two after the painting is complete and it will work to absorb the odors from the air.
  2. Bowls of vinegar – vinegar is one of nature's best cleaning agents. Not only can it clean and disinfect many things, but it can also remove odors and fumes from the air. Place several bowls of vinegar around the home to help suck the fumes from the air quickly.
  3. Activated charcoal – Crush up a couple of buckets worth of activated charcoal and add a very wet rag to it. Place the buckets around the room and the charcoal will quickly begin to absorb the fumes in the air.

Light Some Candles

Burning scented candles will help to cover up the smell and remove the fumes. The flame will work to burn the fumes while the scents of the candle cover the smells. Position the candles throughout the room, but away from the walls and not near the ceiling. You want to avoid any soot from forming stains on your fresh paint.