Have you moved into a new house and found that your laundry just doesn't look right? Maybe the clothes are coming out stiff? Perhaps you've found that the soap won't get things clean. Instead of lather and bubbles, you see something ugly that looks gross and feels slimy—soap scum.

It's an ugly word for an ugly situation. What you have is hard water. It is a major problem for people all over the country. The problem arises when you dig a well in an area where the water has a high percentage of minerals.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that has a high percentage of mineral solids. The water gets these solids because of the surrounding rocks. It might be quartz, limestone, or other rocks. When the water moves through these rocks, it picks up the minerals.

Isn't Mineral Water Is Healthy?

Yes. It is healthy to drink, but you would not want to wash your clothes in it. In addition to making it almost impossible to laundry your clothes, it can ruin your pipes. Mineral buildup on the pipes in your home can, over time, ruin them.

Why Can't You Do Laundry With Hard Water?

Hard water is made up of two main minerals: Calcium and Magnesium. As stated above, these are healthy for humans, but unfortunately they prevent soap from lathering and working properly.

What some people have done is to use extra detergent or a special detergent. You don't want to try using more soap, because it will cost a lot and it won't necessarily work. You will still be working with soap scum instead of lather. So, you'll be relying on soap scum to clean your clothes. Special detergent made for hard water is costly, and it is only a temporary solution.

Is There A Permanent Solution?

Yes. What you can do is install a water softener. What this will do is process your well water before it enters into your home's main system. It will soften the water. There are various methods used to soften water. One common method involves using salt. The hard water is passed through a chamber that has salt. What happens next is the magnesium and calcium switch places with the sodium. It is a chemically complicated process, which results in your water having less magnesium and calcium and more sodium.

The added sodium is fine for doing laundry. The only time you should be concerned is if you are using a water softener for your drinking water. Experts suggest that soft water is fine for drinking unless you are suffering from high blood pressure or some other malady that requires a low salt diet. Consult with specialists, such as those found through http://www.optimumplumbingllc.com, with any further questions.