Concrete countertops provide a unique surface for your kitchen. They afford you customization options in color, shape, finish and edging details. Contractors mix pigment into the concrete to match your desired color. Utilize these specialty features for pairing your concrete countertops to your kitchen backsplash.

Draw Out the Grout

Subway tiles are a classic addition to your kitchen. To play up the vibe of timelessness, have the tiles grouted a dark charcoal, almost as if they're aged. Show the deliberation of your choice by pairing this backsplash with a shiny, charcoal-hued countertop. To give your kitchen a pop art feel, consider painting one wall a bright color such as sunlight yellow.

Get Colorful

Another option is to combine concrete colors to echo hues in the tiled backdrop. For instance, perhaps you've selected graphic tiles in blues and greens for your backsplash. If you have two counter surfaces, have the concrete mixed in shades similar to the blues and greens. Keep the walls and cabinets neutral, but draw the colors through in accent pieces such as canisters or even small appliances.

Warm it Up

The kitchen is the perfect place to evoke a sense of warmth. Enjoy the easy maintenance of concrete countertops while making your kitchen cozy by starting with neutral-colored countertops. Pair these with glass tiles in warm browns and beiges. Add oak cabinetry, and you have the kind kitchen in which everyone wants to congregate.

Go Industrial

Evoke a sense of industry in your kitchen by creating a chef's space that looks ready to feed a restaurant full of hungry patrons, Let the concrete in your countertops stay natural, and add a stainless steel backsplash. Include industrial hardware on your cabinets. Such a backdrop blends well with professional-grade appliances.

Add Curves

Concrete affords you shape options that other materials might not offer. Utilize this benefit by designing a central island with curves. This bit of whimsy works especially well in a light, airy kitchen. For cohesion, select tiles with a curved design for your backsplash.

Get Personal

Since concrete gets poured, you can design your countertops around your lifestyle choices. For instance, add built-in workstations with drain boards, cutting boards or trivets. Alternatively, get really creative and have old dishware embedded in the concrete. Pair such a countertop with a backsplash created out of repurposed tiles. Add accent pieces that are estate sale finds.

As Better Homes and Gardens points out, concrete for your countertops is desirable because of the material's durability. However, also choose concrete countertops, through places such as Planit Dirt, Inc., because they give you numerous creative and attractive options for pairing with your kitchen backsplash.