You are the kind of person that likes to have everything in control and at the push of a button. Just recently you noticed two products you really want—home automation via Wi-Fi and motorized blinds. Both are great for those times when you are on vacation but you want your neighbors and a few cat burglars to think you are still at home. But how do you get both of these items to work together? It is not as difficult as you might think. You can purchase both products and get them to work together, and here is how.

Purchase Your Motorized Blinds and Home Automation System Together

Some home automation companies have expanded services in order to sell you extra features as part of your automation package. That includes motorized blinds. More to the point, you will want to purchase both products at the same time such that your blinds are easily incorporated into the home automation system without trying to include them later on. The home automation installation technician can coordinate with your motorized blinds retailer to sync up these items together and create a smooth transition.

Involving an Electrical Contractor

Because most motorized blind kits require an electrical connection, the wiring and switches need to be installed by an electrical contractor. The company from which you purchased your blinds or shades may send their own contractor out as part of the installation package deal, or you may have to hire your own. The same holds true for the complete home automation system, although it is much more likely that the automation company hires only electrical contractors to do the work.

Syncing Your Entire House to Your Mobile Device

Currently, this is a very popular feature offered by a few automation companies. Once your motorized shades and blinds as well as your automation system are in and connected, the home automation expert syncs the entire system to your mobile device through their app. Regardless of where you are, when you remember that you forgot to lock the front door and set the blinds down, you simply open the app, look for your system's features and hit a single touchscreen button to close, open, lock, unlock and turn off everything in your house.

The Only Time Your Blinds/Shades Will Not Work

Once they are part of your home automation system, the only time your blinds and shades will fail to close or open is if there is a power outage or there is a technical malfunction with your mechanized window treatments. You should call a technician from the blinds company first to verify that the problem is not with the blinds. Then, if you need to, call the automation company to try and repair whatever is wrong. Otherwise, you are set to sit back and control everything in your house, right down to how much of the world outside you want to see.