You've carefully arranged your yard to have beautiful flowerbeds, a relaxing water feature, and a porch from which you can enjoy the scenery. But there still seems to be something missing—a way for you to express your creative style the way you can indoors with wall art. There are a few different ways you can bring your artistic side outdoors. Your personal solution will depend upon your style, what's available in your yard, and your budget.

Painted Driveway

Most major paint companies sell driveway stains that add color to your driveway without making it look like you accidentally spilled a large bucket of paint. The stains provide an obvious color while still letting the integrity of the concrete shine through. Paint alone, however, doesn't do much to express creativity.

That's where concrete stencils come in. Stencils allow you to place a wide variety of designs onto your driveway such as dolphins, waves, or cobblestones. Difficult stencils will also require a better hand at using driveway stains. For example, the cobblestones will require multiple colors and shading. But stencils like the dolphins can be done in one color and still look professional. Talk to a professional like Caddo Paving to discuss your options.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes offer relaxing, gentle music when the breeze is blowing. Traditional wood chimes consist of long metal or wood rods that bang into each other while they blow. Effective, but not particularly fascinating to look at. The popularity of wind chimes has also led to a wide range of designs that can help you better personalize your yard.

Wind chimes can feature colorful butterflies, intricately carved or curved metal rods, or a combination of mismatched materials for a more bohemian appearance. You can also get crafty by using some craft paints on your existing wind chimes. Or look at your local craft store for a wind chime craft kit to customize every step of the process

Garden Figurines

Garden gnomes have gotten upgrades over the years. You can still buy the simple, colorful gnomes wearing a hat and a smile. But you can also find gnomes to suit a wide range of design styles—and senses of humor. There are gnomes dressed as adventurers, silly gnomes standing on their hands, and gnomes riding farm equipment. There are even zombie gnomes that are bloodied and sometimes crawling across the ground.

You can support these gnomes with other lawn or garden statues in similar styles. Examples include concrete geese or bears that you can buy clothing for to dress the animal according to the season, holiday, or your mood. You can also simply buy small concrete statues of children playing or animals at rest.