If you have watched movies with scenes involving elevators, you know that there is a lot that can go wrong very quickly with an elevator--especially if it is not frequently used or well-maintained. Elevators should always be maintained for safety reasons, as even if they are in an old building, someone could still need to use them on occasion.

However, elevator maintenance goes far beyond safety. There are three main reasons why you should always maintain or routinely inspect an elevator, as indicated in some of the most popular movies. Let's take a look at the top three theatrical reasons to maintain an elevator:

There Could Be Unpleasant Surprises Inside the Elevator

When people don't use elevators after a certain period of time, other things may choose to make their home inside the elevator. One day, someone could open the door and discover a family of cockroaches or rats living inside, and then someone would have to come and remove those things from the elevator. There may also be some magical hidden force inside the elevator that sucks those who enter into a vortex, dropping them into another dimension.

You don't want to be the unlucky person to discover such a vortex when you are trying to go to work. There may also be items inside the elevator that animate themselves and come to life, wreaking havoc upon all who enter. Whatever the case may be, if you don't want to your elevator to quickly become a terrifying place when you step inside, then you need to get it routinely inspected so that no funny business will occur.

A Woman May Give Birth in the Elevator If Trapped

If a pregnant woman who is obviously ready to deliver her child at any time gets trapped inside the elevator, things can get pretty harrowed in a hurry. If the woman's water breaks, she can start going into labor inside the elevator. While attempts to press the emergency button, call 911, and get some help may be made, it may be quite a while before anyone is able to get to her, and as a result, she may end up having her child right there inside the elevator.

This may sound rather cute or unique at first, but it could actually be a life-threatening situation to both the mother and her child, as an elevator as a very unsanitary place to give birth to a child. Furthermore, the umbilical cord will need to be cut right away, or the baby can have serious health problems. If you want to prevent the classic woman-in-an-elevator-giving-birth movie scene from happening, then you should regularly inspect and maintain your elevators.

Faulty Connections and Cables May Lead to Flying Elevators

Improperly maintained cables and connections may cause rather drastic and terrifying things to happen. The elevator may break loose from its connections and go plummeting downwards, which could ultimately lead to the untimely demise of everyone inside the elevator. If this doesn't happen, then the elevator could go soaring upwards if it is being taken up to the top of the building.

In other words, you may end up with an elevator that soars sky high, just like in that classic movie about children and candy. If you don't want to be responsible for any bodily harm or collateral damage to people and your building caused by faulty elevator connections and cables that result in the unit crashing down or flying up up and away, then you may want to routinely inspect and repair your elevator.

Anyone who has watched movies with elevator scenes in them knows the dangers that can often be harbored by this method of transportation, yet people still continue to travel in elevators. In order to prevent disasters of theatrical proportions from happening to your elevator, it is a good idea to schedule and perform routine maintenance on it through a company like Capital Elevator Services Inc so that the elevator continues functioning properly and nobody who rides it gets hurt or finds themselves in a bad situation.