If your property has a tree that has outstayed its welcome, it might be time to look into taking it down. If you're feeling adventurous and want to take it down yourself, there are certain things you will want to check on first to make sure everything goes smoothly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you are planning your tree removal.

Check Your Property Line

Unless the tree is located right smack in front of or behind your house, there might be some question as to whose property the tree is located on, yours or your neighbors. You don't want to take down a tree that your neighbor was relying on for some amount of privacy and then have to deal with the argument that follows. Check your official property lines with the local government and make sure you have full rights to the tree before attempting to remove it.

Do You Need a Permit?

If you are going to attempt to take the tree down yourself, you better make sure you have legal permission to do so. In some towns, tree removal is officially regulated. Because of the dangers of the task, you may need to apply for an official permit with the government.

Do You Have a Plan for the Aftermath?

It's important to get permission to take down the tree, but what are you going to do once the tree is actually down? Not to state the obvious, but you can't exactly expect the garbage man to pick up an entire tree for you. You will at the very least need to rent a dumpster to put all of the lumber into. Alternatively, after felling the tree you could hire a tree removal company to help you remove the remaining stump and any lumber that you can not easily dispose of yourself.

There's more to consider when taking down a tree besides which way you want it to fall. Make sure the tree is on your property and that you have any necessary permits for taking it down. Don't forget to have plan for removing the tree from your property when all is said and done. If you encounter difficulty, it may be best to hire a professional such as Woodland Tree Expert CO, even if it's just for the removal of the lumber and tree stump from your yard and not the actual taking down of the tree.