Are you just starting a fencing project? Are you still trying to decide what to use to build the fence? Here are some reasons to choose cedar wood fencing:

  • Naturally bug resistant: If you're worried about termites but don't like the look of wire or vinyl fencing, cedar wood might be the way to go. Unlike some other termite resistant wood, cedar's bug-repellent properties are entirely natural. It's still a good idea to have the major fence posts to be pressure treated wood, however, if you have termites in the area. Pressure treated wood is typically made of pine that has been infused with chemical preservatives at high pressures. However, if you're concerned about the potential toxicity of pressure treated wood, you can reduce your exposure by making the remainder of the fence out of cedar.
  • Doesn't need painting or staining: Cedar fencing comes in a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing textures and finishes. Because of its termite and rot resisting properties, cedar fencing doesn't typically need to be painted or stained to protect it. If unpainted, a cedar fence will eventually weather to a rustic shade of gray. Of course, unlike a vinyl or wire fence, you can easily paint a cedar fence if you desire a change of color or if you want to prevent it fading to gray.
  • Long lasting: A cedar fence won't always last as long as a similar-looking vinyl fence, but it will typically last longer than a fence made out of most other types of wood. Although a cedar fence can be a significant initial investment, this investment will eventually pay for itself. Consider that you would probably have to replace a fence made out of other types of wood at least once during the lifetime of a cedar fence.
  • Delightful smell: The same chemical compounds, called "thujaplicins," which give cedar its pest resisting properties, are also what gives it its appealing scent. This scent will eventually fade, but it will add a delightful perfume to your yard while it exists. If it's important for your fence to be aesthetically pleasing to your nose as well as your eyes, a cedar fence is a good choice, while a brick or wire fence, on the other hand, will give off no scent at all.
  • Warp resistant: You are probably familiar with how the boards of a traditional fence can be prone to warping, cracking, or shrinking. Cedar typically doesn't warp, crack, or shrink very much at all. This will result in less time spent repairing the fence and replacing loose boards with new boards.