When it comes to owning a home, there is a lot that you need to do to maintain it. Most people are aware of all the things they need to do to the exterior of the home for proper maintenance, but they don't really think too much about the interior—especially the plumbing. You have to keep your plumbing in good working order because most plumbing repairs are quite costly. Believe it or not, things that you likely do without thinking can put your pipes in jeopardy. Here are three habits you have that are bad for your plumbing.

1. Using too much toilet paper.

While toilet paper is designed to be safe for your septic tank, it's not designed so you can flush a lot of it down the toilet at one time. If you do this, you likely find that you are getting a clogged toilet regularly. You need to use a small amount of toilet paper each time so you can make sure the pipes leading from the toilet remain clear. If a clog gets really bad, you may need to call a plumber, such as at http://www.naplesestateplumbing.com, to come in and correct the issue.

2. Pouring grease down the kitchen drain.

One habit that you need to kick while you are cooking is draining the grease down the kitchen sink. You likely do this without thinking, as most people do, and think that it's harmless as long as you run hot water down the drain afterward. However, continuing to drain grease down the sink can lead to having blocked pipes in the kitchen. It is no fun to have the sink—or worse, the garbage disposal—back up in the kitchen. Therefore, instead of draining the grease from food down the drain, do it outside or into a disposable container to throw away.

3. Flushing things other than toilet paper down the toilet.

Another habit that people get into doing is flushing anything and everything down the toilet. A lot of people think that it's acceptable to flush medications, dead fish, cigarette butts, and even feminine hygiene products down the toilet. Spoiler alert: it's not a good idea at all.

Not only can flushing these things wreak havoc on your septic tank, but it can actually lead to your pipes getting clogged a lot quicker. And, unlike toilet paper, most clog removers you buy at the store can't do much to budge a clog caused by these items, so you are left having to call a plumber. For the sake of your plumbing and wallet, get back into the habit of throwing these things away instead of in your toilet.