Are you thinking about installing a saltwater swimming pool? Saltwater swimming pools are pools that are cleaned through salinity rather than harsh chemicals. These swimming pools are a unique feature for any home and have some major benefits over traditional, chlorinated swimming pools. Here are a few of the main advantages -- though, of course, there are some disadvantages as well.

1. Saltwater Is Gentler on Skin and Eyes

For families that have small children, saltwater swimming pools can be incredibly beneficial. You might think that salt would sting, but, in fact, the salt content of the water is low enough that it has barely any effect on skin, hair and eyes. A saltwater pool is more comfortable and will not dry out a person's skin and hair. This is what makes a saltwater pool preferable for those who swim often, as the effects of chlorine can become quite severe during regular use. 

2. Saltwater Is More Affordable to Maintain

Saltwater is generally more affordable to use than chlorine tablets, if only because the base components (salt) are easier to obtain. Though the financial difference isn't significant, it can still be a selling point for larger pools of water, which would consume more chemicals over time. 

3. Saltwater Has Less of a Smell

Do you absolutely hate the smell of chlorine? Saltwater does not have the unnatural smell or stinging fumes associated with chlorine. While some people don't mind the smell of chlorine, others can be particularly sensitive to the odor. 

4. Saltwater Is Safer for Pets

Do you have a dog that absolutely loves to swim? If so, a chlorinated pool can be unhealthy. Chlorinated pools strip off natural oils within your pet's skin, leading to dry, flaky skin and dull fur. Saltwater, being much gentler and more natural, will not have this effect on a pet -- though your pup should still be rinsed off after they've gone for a dip. 

5. Saltwater Tablets Don't Require Special Handling

Chlorine tablets can be quite dangerous and need to be stored carefully, especially if you have children. But saltwater tablets are essentially just salt -- they are inactive and not dangerous at all. This can be a consideration for those who have children. 

Naturally, saltwater swimming pools have some disadvantages, too. Saltwater pools can be a little more difficult to maintain, as the salt requires additional pH balancing. For more information, contact All Poolside Services or a similar company.