Even though you might not realize it, everything you put into your toilet and the sinks can cause a major impact on the sewage system and your pipes in general. Throwing a bunch of solid items into the toilet or drain can cause a slimy blockage to form, thus causing harm to your health and environment. You will also end up being stuck having to spend a fortune in repairs. While you might not think it is a big deal to flush certain things down the toilet or dump them in the drain, that might not be the case. Whatever you do, don't throw these items down your drain or attempt to flush them.

Razor Blades

Regardless of whether the razor blade falls down the drain by accident or you purposely threw it there, the damage it can cause is all the same. When one of these dangerous items goes into the septic system, it can cause a whole host of problems. These non-biodegradable items are going to sit in the pipes and tank, causing clogs to form. If the razor blade gets stuck, other items can end up getting wrapped around them on their way through your pipes. Something as simple as hair can end up causing a massive clog if it were to get caught on the razor blade.


A syringe should never be flushed down your toilet. You need to dispose of them properly. If you attempt to flush these items, you could end up with much more than a clogged pipe. Anything left inside of the syringe could end up making its way into your water supply and contaminating the ground around your tank. Just because you might not see much in the needle, that doesn't mean it isn't there. Avoid throwing these items in the toilet. Plastic is also harmful to the environment and shouldn't be allowed to sit in your system.


Avoid pouring paint down your sink. This hazardous material could end up causing the tank to become corroded and make it difficult to treat your septic system. Dumping paint into your sewer could land you with a hefty fine, depending on where you live. Not only are you damaging the environment, but you are also putting your health on the line.

By properly taking care of any hazardous chemicals and medical paraphernalia, you can keep everyone safe and free from home. In the event your system does get clogged because of something being thrown into the system inadvertently, you can turn to a drain cleaning service to help.

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