When the first models of garage doors were installed, homeowners had to get out of their cars to manually open and close them. As technology advanced, homeowners then had the convenience of using a remote to open and close the garage, so that they wouldn't have to exit their vehicle. Technology has once again evolved. Now you have the option of controlling your garage door from the convenience of your smart-phone.

What is Smart-phone Garage Door Technology?

In addition to using your smart-phone to send pictures and update your social media profiles, this technology affords you the convenience of controlling every aspect of your garage door. It doesn't matter if you're inside your garage, in your bedroom or at work, smart-phone technology can give you full access to all functions of your garage door system. After installing the application on your smart-phone, you will have the power to control your door right at your fingertips.


Door Status – How many times have you been in a hurry to get to work? Only after you're five minutes away from your office do you realize that you may have left your garage door open. This presents a dilemma. Do you drive all the way back home only to find you actually did close it or do you risk leaving it open all day? With this technology, this type of situation will no longer be a problem. You can simply pull out your smart-phone and see the status of the door. If it's open, you can simply close it and have peace of mind that your home is protected.

Alarm – No matter how many times you've asked your child to call you once they arrive home from school, they seem to almost always forget. If you want to know exactly what time your child arrived home from school, a smart-phone garage door opener can help. You can set up an alarm that sends an alert to the application each time the garage door is opened. If your child forgot to call you when they arrived home, no worries. The application will send you an alert to let you know the door was opened and you can also make sure they closed it behind them.

A smart-phone enabled garage door opener doesn't just offer you convenience, but can also add an increased level of security for you and your family. This type of opener system can help you effortlessly bring a higher level of functionality and efficiency to your home. Contact a company like Eppers Construction to learn more about this new type of technology.