Town homes have a lot of benefits. You can often buy a nice town home for a fraction of the price of a comparable house, and you can often enjoy amenities that you wouldn't be able to enjoy with your average single-family home. Plus, town homes can provide safety, security, convenience, and a host of other benefits.

One thing that a lot of people don't like about town homes, however, is the fact that they aren't as private. If you are concerned about losing your privacy when moving into a town home, consider these tips for maintaining your private life when you share walls with your neighbors.

Tint Your Windows

If it's allowed in your townhouse community, consider adding tint to your windows. It can look rather attractive, will help keep prying eyes out of your home, and can even help you reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Use the Right Curtains and Shades

Although sheer, drapey curtains might look nice, they don't provide a lot of privacy when you live in a townhouse. Instead, opt for dark, thick shades and heavier curtains. There are plenty of beautiful styles out there, and you can help close off your home and give yourself a little more privacy from your neighbors.

Use Privacy Screens

Fold-up privacy screens can add a nice bit of decor to your townhouse, and they're great for giving yourself a bit of privacy. Try adding one to your balcony or patio so that you can sit outdoors without feeling as if others are looking at you. You can also use them near your windows or around your bed to give yourself an added bit of personal space.

Use Plants

Many people don't think about it, but plants can make for a nice, natural barrier between you and your neighbors. If you invest in small trees and other tall potted plants, you can place them on your balcony to provide yourself with a bit of shade, beauty and privacy. You can also place large plants in front of your windows; they are sure to love the sunlight, and you'll probably enjoy their appearance more than the look of your dark curtains.

Although you obviously won't be able to live as privately in a town home as you can in a single-family home, there are ways that you can feel a bit more at home. Remember these tips, and you can turn your townhouse, like from Meadow Lakes Builders, into your own private oasis.