Most people do not glance up at their roof as they are leaving and entering their home, and do not notice a problem until the rain starts falling on their heads. Inspect your roof on a regular basis so you know when it is time to replace it.  Below are some different types of roofs you can choose. This information will help you make the best decision on what is best for your home.

Mansard Roof

A mansard roof, also known as a curb roof or French roof, has two slopes on each side. The lower slope is steeper and vertical from the upper slope. In some cases, the upper slope is not visible when standing in front of the home.  This roof gives you more storage space in your attic. You can add some windows to the roof if you would like to turn your attic into an extra bedroom.


This roof looks interesting when standing in front of the home. It has a long pitch with one long side and one short side. It works well with homes that have one story on one side, and a double story on the other, and is commonly used for wooden frame houses.  Because the sides are unequal, it gives it the appearance of the old wooden salt boxes used in the past.

Flat Roof

A flat roof lays completely flat, and is easy to construct. It is also safer if you stand on top of it. This roof does require more maintenance, as debris does not fall off it. It does make your home look unique, however. A flat roofs is commonly known to leak if water accumulates on it. For this reason, a waterproofing material is often used, as well as a good drainage system.

Mono pitched roof

The mono pitched roof is also known as a lean-to roof, shed roof, or skillion roof. This roof has one slope on the surface, much like a flat roof that is slightly inclined. In most cases, it will only be used on one portion of the home.

A roof can give a home aesthetical appeal, and these are types you may want to consider for your home. Using the right type of roof is also important if you are planning to sell your home in the near future. You can talk with a roofing contractor, such as D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc., who can come to your home to help you make the best choice.