So you think you want to go from a shower curtain to a shower door? There are beautiful and efficient shower doors for standalone showers and shower and bathtub combinations. Whether you want a budget-friendly door or one that is decorative for your bathroom remodel, there are plenty of styles to choose form. Here are four types of shower doors that you can get for your shower or bathtub combo.

Aluminum and Glass Shower Doors

If you want a sturdy shower door that is also attractive, the aluminum and glass shower doors are an excellent option. These doors have tiles of glass that are framed by dark-hued aluminum. They make some beautiful eye candy for your bathroom. They also typically have a swinging glass door, inside of a sliding one, providing a more efficient entry and exit into the shower.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Another option for your shower is choosing the standard sliding glass shower doors. Not all bathrooms have the space required for a swinging door, which makes this a popular option. You can have the look and moisture protection of a shower door, without using any more room than a shower curtain. You can choose from framed, partially framed or completely frameless. Frameless leaves you with a very open, airy look. This can give the appearance of even more space in your smaller bathroom.

Textured or Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Many shower doors are clear, which are nice to look at and give the illusion of more space. But some people prefer a bit more privacy in the shower. A textured or frosted glass shower door can give you the privacy you need while maintaining the look of a shower door. These have another plus: they don't need such meticulous cleaning to keep the same appearance.

Shower Enclosures Without Shower Doors

If your shower area is quite large, some prefer to have stacked glass cubes as an enclosure, with no shower door. This requires a lot of bathroom space, as the cubes take up a lot of room. There are other options for the enclosure, but you must have a lot of space. For controlling water, your shower stall would need to be large enough that your entrance/exit would be far enough away from the spray that it wouldn't need a closure. There may or may not be any lip along the floor of the opening. Well-placed drains would be key to maintaining a shower like this.

Your home is your castle, and it can represent your style and taste. A beautifully designed bathroom can be part of that. Your choice of shower door will set the tone for the entire room. Cost, ease of use, space, style and maintenance should be the main factors in your decision. For tips and info about installing a glass shower door, contact a company like Glass Service Center Inc.