While popcorn ceilings were once considered trendy and unique, they are no longer desired by many people. They are messy and can make a room look bad, but they are hard to remove too. During your remodeling project, you could hire your contractor to get rid of the popcorn ceiling it by replacing it with one of these options:

Wood Products

Wood is a great material to use for a ceiling, and it comes in many types, including panels, planks, and beams.

Covering a popcorn ceiling with any type of wood product will create an entirely new look in this particular room, and it would prevent you from having to scrape the popcorn texturing off. Scraping off texture from walls and ceilings is not only messy, but it is also time-consuming and can be dangerous. If the texture contains asbestos, you could develop lung disease from breathing in the dust.

With wood, you will get to choose the color of the ceiling. You may want to stick with a traditional wood color, or you could choose white to create a more modern, clean appearance.

Ceiling Tiles

You can purchase pre-finished or paintable ceiling tiles for this purpose, and this option offers a great way to achieve a very unique look in a room. Pre-finished tiles come in many colors, while paintable tiles are generally white. You can paint them any color you prefer, and most of these tiles are made of Styrofoam. These tiles are lightweight and easy to install.

Before you can install ceiling tiles, you may need to remove any pieces of the ceiling that are not firmly attached. You must use glue to attach them, and the glue may not stick well to pieces of popcorn that are falling off.

New Drywall

The other option you have is to cover the old ceilings with new drywall. This is the most time-consuming option of all because it requires several steps, including:

  • Screwing the drywall to the ceiling
  • Inserting drywall mud into all seams
  • Sanding the seams
  • Painting the ceilings

New drywall offers a way to get rid of the popcorn look, but it will not drastically change the way the room looks.

Before you choose one of these options, you may want to talk to your remodeling contractor about costs. The costs involved with each option will vary, and a large factor in the costs depends on what materials you choose. A remodeling contractor like Git-R-Done Builders LLC can perform any of these options though, and you will end up with a room that looks great afterwards.