If you have asphalt sealant left over from a project, you have to store it in the right way. Below are some tips for storing it so when you get it back out for another project, then it will work for you. This also saves you money from having to buy more.


When you are finished using your sealant, it must be kept at the right temperature, no matter if it is being stored for a day or over the weekend. If you look in the user's manual, it will tell you the right temperature to store it during the spring and summer.


The sealant must be agitated when not in use to keep it ready to use when you get it back out. Most sealants will separate within a few hours, and they will need to be stirred. It can also evaporate, and you will need to add some water to it when this happens. You will also have to mix this in.

Even if you only store the sealant for a couple of nights, you should always mix it before you start spraying. You can use a wooden stick, such as the handle of a broom to mix it. Some sealant storage tanks have hydraulic or manual agitation paddles that allow you to mix the sealant much easier.

When mixing the sealant you need to mix it thoroughly, but do not over mix it. If you do, it will end up being a foamy mess.

Winter Storage

If you still have asphalt sealant left when winter arrives, do not leave it in the sprayer. You should put it back into the tank that it came in when you purchased it.

If you have any empty tanks, make sure you clean them out, as well as the sprayers. You will find directions in the equipment manual on how to do this. When spring arrives, remove any dried sealer or clumps from the bottom and sides of the tank. If you do not, the chunks could damage the sprayer if they come loose.

Look in the manual to determine the temperature the drums should be kept in. This is very important, as this protects them from the freezing temperatures.

When spring arrives, stir in some water to the sealant, then agitate it.

Sealant protects your asphalt in cold and warm climates. If it is applied properly, it can keep your asphalt in good shape for a long time. For more information, contact your local professional, like at Phend & Brown.