If you are like thousands of other homeowners who have purchased older homes, you probably have a lot of issues with the angles of your roof and the placement of your furniture. This is not uncommon, since homes that are close to or over a century old were designed to meet basic needs, and not for luxury. In fact, the concept of a queen or king-sized bed was unheard of to the settlers since it was too expensive and far too difficult to transport. If the compressed angular walls and abbreviated height of your ceilings is getting you down, here is how you can lift them up.

The Contractors You Will Need

Usually, altering the height and angles of one's roof is not the first thing on a homeowner's remodeling list. Yet, if they are particularly bothersome for you, you may want to move the project to the top. A remodeling and construction contractor like LifeStyle Building Company, as well as a roofing contractor, are exactly what you need. The remodeling and construction contractor will examine the rise and run of your current roof, and then you can point out how you want to change it such that the interior in the upstairs of your home meets your needs better. The roofing contractor will finish off the job by providing a roof that does not collect water or distribute it awkwardly.

Working with Your Contractors to Create More Room

As you work with your contractors to elevate your roof, talk about what you hope to achieve with this project. Really low ceilings or slanted ceilings which meet the walls halfway up reduce the amount of space you have for furniture and decrease the amount of wall space you can set tall items, like bookshelves, up against. Having your contractors elevate the roof by six feet or more means you may be able to remove those awkward slanted ceilings altogether. Understanding that you want to expand your space without adding on to the side of a house allows your contractors the means to plan ahead and remodel your roof and interior according to your specifications.

Special Situations to Consider

During your search for your remodeling and roofing contractors, you might hear them talk about "load-bearing" walls. These are areas that cannot be removed because it would cause some serious structural integrity problems. If the sections of sloping roof and ceiling you want removed are here, you will have to reconsider how to make your remodel work without taking away your home's central supports. Having a chimney flue that goes straight up through the center of the home but no fireplace or woodstove to connect to is another issue, since all the roof and walls surrounding it would cave in if you try to remove it. You can discuss special situations with your contractors before, during and after the job.